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At Kids `R` Kids Learning Academy, we are proud to provide the most innovative and educational programs for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Our Learning Academy offers an engaging curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, pre-K, and before/after school care. Our team is dedicated to helping children develop the intellectual and emotional skills they need during these important years. We invite you to tour our facilities, meet our teachers and see for yourself the advantages your child will receive at Kids 'R' Kids!

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Kids `R` Kids North Austin Receives Presidential Award!

Kids `R` Kids International has bestowed the prestigious Presidential Award to Kids `R` Kids North Austin. This recognition is gained by excellence in Curriculum Implementation and superiority in Health & Safety. Choosing a center that is Presidential means that your child is in a safe and healthy learning environment that promotes the highest early childhood education standards.

Please keep in mind that Kids `R` Kids North Austin is also NAEYC accredited (the highest national accreditation that can be awarded to a child care center. Out of 400 early childhood programs in Austin, only 28 centers are NAEYC accredited because of their stringent requirements). What`s more, Kids `R` Kids North Austin is the only child development center in Williamson county to be NAEYC accredited.

Thank you for showing interest in our Learning Academy!

Kids 'R' Kids is a locally owned and operated franchise in Austin, Texas. We are very proud to provide the most innovative preschool facilitiy and effective educational program for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age.

Our center is approximately 20,000 square feet with 12 classroom suites, a cafeteria, a resource room, a large activity gym for before and after school students, and 7 large play areas separated for age groups. Each of our classrooms is a place of wonderment and delight where learning materials are strategically located to be within children's reach and children are encouraged to explore and try them out. We know that the secret of working with very young children is to create an environment full of things for them to discover that showcase their individual strengths as well as their differences.

At Kids 'R' Kids, we are committed to create an unhurried environment for growth and discovery among children, their families, and the greater community. We believe that children and educators are co-learners and children are born ready to engage in the world around them.

At Kids 'R' Kids, we maintain an awareness of children's developmental progress and tailor programs to meet children's interests and needs:

  • Document children's strengths and areas that need to develop.
  • Ask children questions and gather feedback from parents to determine children's interests.
  • Recognize when a child is ready to leap into new learning and provide just the right game, puzzle or exercise to nourish the child's love of learning.
  • Plan a variety of activities that challenge children and enhance their skills.
  • Adapt and change learning and play environments as children's interests evolve over time: for example, expanding and adding more props to the dramatic play area when children are spending more time there.
  • Develop theme-based learning kits for children, adapted to meet children's various needs. Balance quiet and active times during the day.

Parents are invited to tour perspective classes before their child begins attending Kids 'R' Kids so they can fully understand what goes on and be certain about their choice of childcare center. At Kids 'R' Kids, parents are always welcome to be involved with the school and any of its programs. Each of our classrooms has a "class parent," whose role is to ensure a constant flow of communication between teachers and parents and KidsRKids offers parents the best reliable daycare for their busy schedules.

Business Days and Hours

KIDS`R`KIDS hours of operation are 6:30a.m. to 6:30p.m.

Monday through Friday, 12 months a year.

Holiday Schedule - The center is closed on;
New Years Eve & New Years Day
Good Friday

Memorial Day
Independence Day

Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day and the Day After Christmas

President's Day (Staff Development)
Veteran's Day (Staff Development)

Last Friday in August before the new school year starts (Teacher In-Service)

If a holiday falls on Saturday, the center will be closed on the Friday prior to the holiday. If a holiday fall on Sunday, the center will be closed on the following Monday.

To view your child, please click on the `Video Cameras` link on your left!

We are proud to offer an all-inclusive tuition program for children 6 weeks to pre-k.

So, what does that include?


  • At Kids 'R' Kids, we prepare delicious and nutritious meals in house each day for your little ones. A healthy breakfast, morning snack, hearty lunch, and a second snack in the afternoon are provided daily. We even have vegetarian and dairy-free options for those who need it!

Learning Approach

  • Children can benefit from our Steam Ahead Program, which provides students with opportunities to be innovative, creative, and inventive as they build strong foundations in five core areas of their education; science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
  • Our state of the art technology department is the perfect way to get children acclimated to the world of computers and learn the skills needed for Kindergarten readiness.
  • Children 3 and 4 years old receive their very own account with ABCmouse, an interactive early learning website. Children can use this teaching tool both at school and at home!

Activities and Extra-curriculars

  • For those hot summer days, we have our very own water park so children can stay cool while having a blast!
  • Extracurricular activities are offered for children ages 18 months to Pre-K. These activities include music classes, Spanish classes, fitness adventures, and Color Soundation early music education, where 3 to 5-year-olds are introduced to music through colors, repetition, fun stories, and interesting characters.

Parent Updates

  • We know it's important for parents to stay in the loop, which is why we give you the opportunity to log in to Watch Me Grow and see your children at any given time of day. Parents can take a virtual "peek" inside the classroom at their convenience and have peace of mind knowing their preschoolers are safe and happy.
  • Tadpoles daily electronic reports allow us to send out daily sheets in the form of an email instead of a paper copy. Pictures of the children are taken throughout the day and archived so parents can see exactly what their child's day entailed. Lots of learning, love, and fun!
  • Additionally, we use Preschool First in order to assess your child's continued development here at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy.

What are your hours of operation?

6:30 am - 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

What age children do you accept?

Children beginning with ages 6 weeks through 12 years.

Is transportation provided to local schools?

Yes, our centers have school buses with seat belts to transport children to and from school in the morning and afternoon. We pick up from the following schools: (Leander ISD) Rutledge, Reagan, Parkside, Monta Akin, (Round Rock ISD) Sommer, Bush Creek, Great Oaks, Elsa England, and Pearson Ranch.

Do the children attend field trips?

Yes, our buses are available for local field trips. We transport children who meet the State�s age requirements. These children are given opportunities to see their community and other places of interest year-round. Whether it is the local grocery store, the petting zoo, the library, and entertainment places such as roller skating, bowling or putt-putt golf, we provide fun and learning for the children and guarantee the maximum protection plan for parents` peace of mind.

Is playtime/outdoor time available?

Yes, our schools are equipped with three to four areas of outside play. The children have scheduled times in the morning and the afternoon to explore their outside world. As an added safety feature, our schools have six to nine foot fencing around the outside perimeter of the play areas. The play equipment is state-of-the-art and Kids �R� Kids abides by the Federal regulations on safety equipment and their surrounding fall zones.

Are meals and snacks provided?

Yes, we serve hot meals and nutritional snacks. Our location is equipped with a full-service kitchen and staff trained in nutrition, USDA guidelines, and proper portions for young children.

What are Teacher Qualifications?

Yes, the Kids �R� Kids faculty are required to follow their state regulations that apply to training. All staff are trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness. Additional training in curriculum, child development, classroom arrangement, classroom management, age-appropriate activities, nutrition, field trip planning and OSHA regulations provide the skills needed to create a quality learning environment. The staff is encouraged to further their education through CDA and CCP programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training conferences.

Is there internet viewing of my child at your center?

Yes, our internet viewing system can connect parents and family members to their child while at work or thousands of miles away. Through a secured internet site and unique password, you can observe your child�s daily activities through your computer. The same cameras are fed to the front desk for additional monitoring by administrative staff.

How can I get more information about enrolling my child?

We are glad you are interested in finding out more about our schools. Please use the contact form to provide us with your name, address and phone number. We will send you more information through the mail. We look forward to meeting you when you come in for a tour. Thank you for your time and for visiting our website.

Kids 'R' Kids is open to you, the parent, any time your child is present in the school. For the safety of all children, we do request that you make your presence known to the person in charge and cooperate in not disrupting the Center's program.

Children Served

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies are open to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, and mental or physical disabilities.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation for Kids `R` Kids Learning Academies are Monday through Friday from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm, 12 months a year. Holidays we are closed include:

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day and the after Christmas

Staff Development Trainings President`s Day - Feb. & Veterans Day -Nov

August School Prep Day (TBA) Based on when school starts. Check with front office.

If a holiday falls on Saturday, the center will be closed on the Friday prior to the holiday. If a holiday fall on Sunday, the center will be closed on the following Monday.

Please note that days we are closed may vary per year, depending on how the holiday falls. Kids` R` Kids may also close early before or after a holiday. Please ask at the front desk for details. Kids `R` Kids is licensed for specific hours of operation, early arrival and late pick-up cannot be allowed. If children are left at the Center after closing time and no word is received from the parent(s) or an emergency contact cannot be reached, authorities will be contacted. After the Center's licensed closing time, the Center may charge a late pick up fee. (Fees vary per Center.)


Upon Enrollment, your child(ren) will need all state, county and Kids 'R' Kids forms completed in a timely manner. All forms necessary will be provided by your center. Information on forms regarding your child (ren) or specific Center forms must be updated as needed.


Breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are available at Kids 'R' Kids Centers. Information will be provided by the Center on any charges that may apply. The Center will also provide information on the schedule meals and snacks are served.

For bottle-fed children, parents must provide prepared formula, placed in bottles. The Center will inform you of their policy regarding baby foods. All infant items should be marked with the child's first and last name.

Weekly menus for children on table food are available for review. Please see the Director for information regarding special diets and allergies.


A tuition and fee schedule will be provided by your Kids 'R' Kids Center. You will be informed of all rates, discounts, late fees, breakfast charges, activity fees, registration fees, check return fees, and any Center specific fees. Fees may vary per Center.

The tuition and fee schedule will also provide you with information as to when payment is due and any late charges to be applied. Also included on the tuition and fee schedule will be the Center Policy on Attendance explaining the number of days that require full tuition, half tuition, and vacation days allowed. Policy may vary per Center.


All prescribed medication must be left at the front desk with the person in charge. A medication form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent or guardian before any medication can be given.

Medications must be in the original container and labeled as follows: child's name, current date, dosage, times to be given, expiration date, and any other special instructions.

Any non-prescription medication must have a signed, dated note from the child's doctor stating the name of the child to receive the medication, name of the medication, amount to be given, times to be given, length of time to be given and any other special instructions.

Medications will be only dispensed by the person or persons designated by the Director of the Center

Medical Emergency

If a child becomes ill, injured, or has an adverse reaction to prescribed medication while at the Center, the parent(s) or emergency contact person will be notified immediately.

If it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention for a child, the child will be transported to the designated medical facility. * The child's vehicle and emergency medical permission forms, as well as the health information file, will accompany the child.

In the event of an occurrence of a communicable disease as outlined by the Department of Health, written notification will be posted on the classroom door within 24 hours or the next business day.

*(The designated medical facility will be listed on all emergency, transportation, and enrollment forms.)

Transportation (To and From Public School)

Rutledge - England - Sommer - Regan

Transportation is provided for private and public elementary grade schools for pick-up designated by the Center. The current schools that we pick up from are:

Brushy Creek Elementary

Holy Family

Sommer Elementary

Rutledge Elementary

Parkside Elementary

Reagan Elementary

Great Oaks Elementary

England Elementary

Monta Akin Elementary

Pearson Ranch Middle School

Transportation Agreements are signed once for each school year.

Vehicle Emergency Forms must be completed and information kept up-to-date.

The Center will inform you of the time your child must be at the Center for transportation to his/her elementary or grade school.

If your child will not be transported by the Center to school or will not be picked up by the Center from school at the end of the school day, you must notify the Center in advance. The Center will inform you of the time by which you must make this notification.

Transportation (Field Trips)

Field Trip Permission Forms must be signed and dated for each field trip. Vehicle Emergency Forms must be completed and information kept up-to-date. Children going on field trips must wear a Kids 'R' Kids t-shirt.

Internet Access

Internet access to your child's classroom is by password only. By enrolling your child at Kids 'R' Kids, you consent that your child(ren) may also be seen on the Internet by other persons viewing with passwords.

If Internet Access is available at your Center, you will be given information upon enrollment.

Severe Weather, Fire or Emergency Situations

If an emergency situation develops such as severe weather, fire, physical damage to the building, or any other situation that poses a threat, the safety of the children is our first concern.

The Center is equipped with a weather band radio, a fire alarm sprinkler system and fire extinguishers. Fire and severe weather drills are conducted according to state and county regulations or every 30 days.

If there is an emergency situation and it becomes necessary to close the Center, parents will be notified to make arrangements for early pickup.

If there is inclement weather and it is determined that the Center will not open, parents will be instructed by the Center as to TV or radio stations providing closing information.

If an emergency situation develops and it is determined that the building or premises are unsafe, your child(ren) will be transported to a safe location.

Parents will be notified of the situation and you will be required to pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

In our effort to provide a safe, healthy environment for each child to grow and develop, we maintain a Center free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use.

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited in the building or anywhere on the grounds by Center staff, parents, or anyone visiting the Center.

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited during any outing or field trip as well as on any vehicle used by the Center to transport your child(ren).


At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies we use a method of 'redirection' to guide your child (ren) toward appropriate behavior. If a child is engaged in behavior not conducive to a safe and happy learning environment, the teacher will 'redirect' the child toward appropriate behavior. (The use of physical punishment or harsh language is prohibited.)

Parents or guardians are required to abide by the Kids 'R' Kids Discipline Policy any time they are on Center property.

Dismissal Policy

The staff will work with each child to fulfill the needs of that child, and every effort will be made to provide a positive learning experience. Special needs will be accommodated when possible.

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies reserves the right to ask parents to make alternative arrangements for care if it is determined that a child's needs cannot be met or the child has not adjusted to group care provided by the Center. In the event behavior becomes disruptive to the program or becomes a problem that poses an unsafe situation for the child or other children in the class, alternative arrangements will be required.

If you, as a parent, are uncooperative in completing and returning forms, fail to pay your tuition on time, fail to follow any state or county regulations, or fail to follow any Kids 'R' Kids Policy or Procedure, it may be necessary to dismiss your child(ren) from the Center.

The Parent`s Role

The relationship between parents and Center staff is vital to the success of a child's experience. A partnership must be formed the first day, with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority.

Parents can assist and help ensure a smooth transition by doing the following:

  • Sign children in and out at the front desk and then escort them to their designated class. Have all forms completed promptly.
  • Update forms as needed when changes occur (i.e. new phone number, address, etc.)
  • Keep staff informed of special needs or changes that might affect your child's behavior.
  • Notify the Center if your child is ill. Do not bring an ill child to the Center.
  • Notify the Center if your child will be absent.
  • Notify the Center if you will be later than usual picking up your child.
  • Provide several changes of clothes marked with your child's name (Center is not responsible for lost clothing).
  • Children should be dressed properly for the weather and play.
  • Do not allow children to bring toys.
  • Participate in the Center's special activities.
  • Attend scheduled parent meetings and conferences. Ask questions and address concerns as they arise.

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies reserves the right to change or revise any policies, procedures, or tuitions/fee schedules when deemed necessary. Written notification will be provided to parents. Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies is referred to as Kids 'R' Kids, Kids 'R' Kids Centers, Center(s) and School(s).

We are extremely proud of our excellent staff of teachers and directors! Our staff is part of the consistent care provided by Kids 'R' Kids.

Our teachers are a magical combination of highly skilled educators blended with a loving, caring soul. Our teachers are the shining lights of our little community. Their natural warmth and loving manner reach out to children long after they have left the teachers` care. Our staff maintain a warm relationship with children by getting down to their level and really listening to what they say.

All Kids 'R' Kids faculty and personnel are required to follow state regulations that apply to training. Our staff is trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness. Additional training in curriculum, child development, classroom arrangement, classroom management, age-appropriate activities, nutrition, field trip planning and OSHA regulations provide the staff with skills needed to create a quality learning environment. The staff is encouraged to further their education through CDA and CCP programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training conferences.

Infant Teacher
Job Description: To perform all tasks according to Kids R Kids policies and procedures and child care regulatory agencies and to provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment, which supports the Mission Statement of Kids R Kids Learning Academies.
Job Requirements: CDA or Higer/ NAEYC Experience. Able to work between the center hours of 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following email address: information@krkaustin.com
Toddler Teacher
Job Description: To perform all tasks according to Kids R Kids policies and procedures and child care regulatory agencies and to provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment, which supports the Mission Statement of KidsRKids Learning Academies.
Job Requirements: CDA or Higer/ NAEYC Experience. Able to work between the center hours of 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following email address: information@krkaustin.com
Preschool Teacher
Job Description: To perform all tasks according to KidsR Kids policies and procedures and child care regulatory agencies. To provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individuality is respected. To implement programs that support the Mission Statement of Kids R Kids Learning Academies.
Job Requirements: CDA or Higer/ NAEYC Experience. Able to work between the center hours of 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following email address: information@krkaustin.com
School Age Teacher
Job Description: To perform all tasks according to KidsRKids policies and procedures and child care regulatory agencies. To provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individuality is respected. To implement programs that support the Mission Statement of KidsRKids Learning Academies.
Job Requirements: High School Diploma/CDA or Higer/ NAEYC Experience. Able to work part-time 2:00 pm to 6:30pm and full -time in the summer.
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following email address: information@krkaustin.com

NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)

Why is Accreditation is Important

Our full-time Curriculum Department at Kids 'R' Kids International, Inc. boasts over 150 years experience in classroom instruction, administrative assignments, and curriculum development. This impressive roster of educational credentials oversees every aspect of designing the most effective learning program possible. For a truly tailored approach to early childhood education, these highly qualified educators are always expanding our curriculum, which is unique and exclusive to Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies.

Our curriculum promotes positive relationships with families via a variety of information and learning materials the children take home to share with their families. In addition, parents are encouraged to become partners in their child's education by volunteering in the classroom, gathering materials for activities, and in other ways.

Teachers are strongly encouraged to involve families in sharing their traditions and cultures and to individualize the curricula to accommodate the children's cultural backgrounds. For example, during the Chinese New Year, our teachers asked parents who celebrated the festival to visit classrooms. They were asked to dress in their traditional clothing and talk about how they celebrated the festival. They asked our local Chinese restaurants to donate chopsticks, fortune cookies, chicken fried rice, and egg drop soup for the kids to experience food from China. Another parent brought in red envelopes with candy that signified the beliefs of the Chinese for the New Year. For art, the children created Chinese lanterns with dragons on them.

Our teachers respect and support individual, cultural and linguistic diversity. In doing so, we support and encourage positive relationships with children's families. As demonstrated by the renowned psychologist, Jean Piaget, children learn best through play, so we've developed hands-on learning experiences for all levels of learners. Our curriculum meets the standards for NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, while remaining fun and flexible for every child. Our theme-based, age-appropriate curriculum, in combination with our uniquely designed learning centers, enable children to master Core Components needed for early development. The Kids 'R' Kids curriculum provides teachers with themes and sample lesson plans.

Infant Curriculum: All activities are age-appropriate and assist in achieving developmental milestones. Activities are carefully chosen to meet the needs of each child. In order for parents to extend learning in the home, daily activities are posted in the classroom for review. Sign language is introduced at this level to help children communicate their needs as they work toward developing their verbal skills. In our clean, child-centered environment, each child is given plenty of attention, thus promoting ultimate mental and physical growth.

Toddler Curriculum: Our curriculum helps toddlers develop a sense of stability in the center and is important for their social and emotional development. The teachers are trained to validate children's emotions, the message being that "it is okay to have these feelings. Now here are some ways to manage them."

Junior Pre-K Curriculum: Kids 'R' Kids offers a core curriculum comprised of weekly units that support and extend monthly themes. Each unit is filled with activities designed to meet the needs of all types of learners. Daily group times and enrichments are designed to expand a child's vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them. Various activities at each learning station support the theme-based lesson. Kids 'R' Kids also enriches its curriculum through music, which is professionally written and recorded to reinforce concepts. In addition to the core units, supplemental units are provided on a quarterly basis. Weekly lesson plans are posted to keep parents informed about their child's learning experience at Kids 'R' Kids.

Pre-K Curriculum: High Reach Learning, a well-known curriculum, has proven to be a successful learning tool in our Pre-K classrooms. The High-Reach Learning curriculum is based on cognitive learning theory. The valued research of Piaget, Ausubel, Vygotsky, Bruner, Erickson, and others provides the foundation for this approach. High Reach Learning offers suggested activities that develop the whole child. Weekly opportunities are provided for teachers to facilitate development in 8 domains – language, literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, physical health and development and creative arts. In addition, there are daily experiences provided for children to independently explore in each domain. These opportunities allow teachers to help children meet long-range developmental goals.

To summarize, the content of our curricula is carefully chosen to be accurate, interesting, and meaningful. The first topics introduced relate to the children's immediate world, but later topics help to expand the child's horizons to areas outside their immediate experience. However, the content of each theme is always secondary to the primary goals of developing the skills and attitudes needed to help the children become lifetime learners.

Our Brain Waves™ Exclusive Curriculum

The first five years of your child’s life is a critical time when their brain is developing and brain cells are forming connections for learning and future success in school.

During these early years, the experiences and interactions your child has will determine which brain cells are activated and which ones are pruned away from lack of stimulation.

Your child’s learning environment has tremendous impact on brain development.
At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we use strategies from our Brain Waves™ curriculum to support neural pathways for language, social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development during these critical years.

Ten Important Brain Facts Parents Should Know

1. The first brain cell is born two days after conception and two weeks after conception it is expanding at 500,000 cells a minute.
2. At birth the brain will have 100 billion neurons, only 17% are activated.
3. The brain activates from the bottom to the top and from the back to the front.
4. Each brain cell has a short and finite time frame in which it can be activated. If the individual cell does not get activated within that time frame, it dies and will never be replaced.
5. 80 billion of the 100 billion total cells are activated or die before the child reaches their 6th birthday.
6. Each activated brain cell can maintain between 10,000 and 15,000 synapses or connections to other brain cells. Each cell we activate creates a huge multiplier effect on the future success of the child.
7. The brain produces 800 neurological connections for every second it is properly stimulated.
8. Repetition is key to brain development. The more times a child hears a correct answer the stronger the neural pathway.
9. Social and emotional pathways are cemented after a single occurrence while things such as colors, shapes, letters and numbers require hundreds of repetitions to create the link.
10. Newly formed synapses are very fragile. They get cemented during sleep. Enough sleep is absolutely critical for proper brain development.

Our BrainWaves Curriculum begins with activities specifically created to stimulate and activate brain cells in all four separate regions or lobes of the brain. These activities have been designed for infants, toddlers and pre schoolers. Our curriculum provides for the perfect mix of interactive play and materials to stimulate development through repetition and by utilizing all five senses.  Birth through age five is the most important time in your child's life for brain development. That development will be maximized through the activities we have developed in our cutting edge Brain Waves Curriculum.

Brain Development the Kids ‘R’ Kids Way

Our philosophy is “Hug First, Then Teach” as we understand that secure and safe emotional attachment is vital for the growth and development of your child’s brain. Our classrooms are filled with stimulating materials that allow teachers to facilitate children’s exploration through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch as these sensory experiences send information directly to the brain and form the platform for healthy brain growth.

We understand that each child is unique, so our teachers cater to different interests and learning styles. From infancy, your child will be exposed to many forms of language (including sign-language), and immersed in an environment rich in language and literacy. Our learning stations are filled with math manipulatives, science elements, and stimulating visuals that support brain pathways for cognitive development. Problem solving is considered one of the best ways to support brain development, so our teachers conduct activities to help children explore cause and effect and employ questioning strategies that promote higher level thinking.

Technology and the Brain

Technology is everywhere, so children need healthy exposure to be prepared for life in the 21st century. Research shows, however, that hours of exposure to digital technology can lead to over stimulation of the brain, fatigue, and irritability. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we take a balanced approach to technology. Our curriculum has been integrated with ABCmouse, one of the latest early childhood technology tools, to enhance learning. With the guidance of a teacher, children engage in digital activities that build language, math, science, and fine motor skills.

Maximizing your Child’s Mental Capacity

We believe in a nurturing learning environment, hands-on play, and novel experiences that ignite your child’s curiosity. With our exclusive Brain Waves™ curriculum and quality teachers, our goal is to provide stimulating experiences that support brain development and maximize your child’s mental capacity.



STEAM AHEAD™ at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies

In keeping with our mission of being The First Step to Higher Education® and our all-important role of fostering 21st century learners, Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies is proud to introduce STEAM AHEAD. Armed with the knowledge that the fields of science, technology and engineering are expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the course of the coming years, we have developed an exciting new supplementary curriculum. STEAM AHEAD combines elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to expand the way our students not only learn, but also how they think about the world around them. When used in conjunction with a strong foundation from Kids 'R' Kids proprietary First Class Curriculum® and the brain development power of our exclusive Brain Waves™ curriculum, there are no limits to the possibilities our students' futures might hold.
Imagine a little girl who not only dreams of being a princess, but also wants to devise the design of her castle. Or a little boy who hopes to become a race car driver on a futuristic race track of his own imagining. Children will always have dreams and imaginations, and programs like STEAM AHEAD tap into those amazing little minds of theirs to make the regular use of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics seem virtually secondary nature. STEAM AHEAD is another powerful example of how Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies prepare our students for Kindergarten… and beyond.


  • Kids 'R' Kids STEAM AHEAD is an integrated project-based curriculum incorporating more science, technology, engineering, art, and math into students' everyday learning through play.
  • Written for preschool students ages three to five, STEAM AHEAD is designed to be used as a supplement to the Kids 'R' Kids core curriculum.
  • STEAM AHEAD provides students with opportunities to be innovative, creative, and inventive as they build strong foundations in five core areas of their education.
  • STEAM AHEAD activities and projects are hands-on and bring together many facets of what students find interesting in a way that packs educational “AH HA” moments.


  • Much the way Kids 'R' Kids station activities act as platforms for hands-on exploration opportunities, Kids 'R' Kids STEAM AHEAD allows students to learn by doing while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Unlike academic learning of memorization with no logical or practical application, Kids 'R' Kids STEAM AHEAD projects encourage students to be natural scientists using reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting, and theorizing during the natural trial and error of play.
  • STEAM AHEAD activities enrich students everyday learning, support academic growth, and help inspire them to become lifelong learners.

The Teacher's Role as Facilitator:

  • Teachers create high quality learning environments that provide students with opportunities to observe, question, investigate, predict, experiment, build, and share what they learn.
  • Students and teachers explore STEAM AHEAD projects together. To tap into each student natural interests while facilitating learning, project materials are placed in learning stations for independent and small group exploration.
  • Teachers serve as guides while students participate in STEAM AHEAD projects, making observations of each student's development, and interests all along the way.
  • In an effort to develop students as students engage in STEAM AHEAD projects teachers encourage them to ask, Why?
  • Teachers may choose a combination of some or all of the STEAM AHEAD projects to present depending upon their students levels of ability, interest, and development.

Call us today or drop in for a tour to learn more about STEAM AHEAD Curriculum and the other advantages of Kids 'R' Kids!

Kids 'R' Kids Provides the Foundation of SmartFun™

If your child is enrolled at Kids 'R' Kids they will have a special enrollment code which will link their account to their classroom and curriculum at no charge.

Our Accredited Program and Curriculum implements activities that further enhance and support learning beyond the classroom as well as involve parents in their child's education.

Through our partnership with the award-winning early learning website ABCmouse.com, the Kids 'R' Kids curriculum includes hundreds of computer-based interactive activities that children love and which also provide opportunities for parents to be actively involved in their child's learning. These activities include games, songs, books, and more, all of which have many academic and developmental benefits for young children.

ABCmouse.com is an early learning website designed for kids ages 2 to 6. ABCmouse.com has more than 3,000 interactive learning activities, including books, games, puzzles, art, and songs covering the basics of reading, math, science and social studies. Themed environments such as the Classroom, The Zoo and The Farm and a reward system helps kids develop math skills with a virtual shopping experience in a fun learning environment. Parents can breath easy that ABCmouse.com is safe and secure from the internet with your parent password to keep your child engaged in learning. There are no software CDs, so your child can access the site from anywhere, anytime and there are new features and learning activities added every week. ABCmouse.com is already being used in thousands of preschools, Kindergarten, and early elementary classrooms worldwide.

Kid Orange Tech provides educational solutions for 21st-century kids by supporting educators and parents in implementing technology responsibly into children's lives. We believe technology has the ability to enrich a child's life when used as an additional learning tool and is not intended to replace traditional play or an existing school curriculum. Also, the use of technology in the home can be an advantage to a child if educators can more easily communicate a child's learning goals so that a parent can reinforce what is being taught in school.

The youngest learners at Kids 'R' Kids are well on their way to a lifetime of learning with our Infant-Toddler Program. Infants as young as six weeks old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Kids 'R' Kids is a place for love, growth, and discovery. Each activity is designed to assist your child achieve developmental milestones while he has fun at the same time.

Kids 'R' Kids knows the importance of nurturing when it comes to babies. Providing plenty of hugs, love, and personal attention is something we include throughout our Infant-Toddler Program. Your baby will enjoy singing, giggling, reading, cuddling and, of course, Tummy Time in our safe, secure, state-of-the-art facility.

Our Kids 'R' Kids Infant-Toddler Program includes:

  • A comforting place that focuses on love and trust
  • Sign language techniques to maximize communication skills
  • Daily exercises and activities designed to coincide with physical development
  • Daily reports and weekly lesson plans to keep you informed of your child's development.

Adventure and Growth

Learning centers, with educational and developmentally appropriate toys designed for learning, create a bright and exciting environment for your child. Expanding the imagination and strengthening the muscles has never been more fun!

Weekly lesson plans provide activities designed to develop skills necessary to accomplish developmental milestones. Our extensive Infant-Toddler Sign Language Program, which is known to eliminate frustration for children who have yet to form their verbal vocabulary, introduces age appropriate language skills for non-verbal communication.

The Infant Program

There are four essential components to our Infant program:

  • language development
  • physical development
  • cognitive development
  • social and emotional development

Kids 'R' Kids believes in balancing fun with fitness and learning with laughter. Communicating, crawling, creating and exploring underscore the meaning behind developing the whole child.

Love and Laughs

At this tender age, there's no such thing as too much love, too many hugs, or too many giggles. As babies grow into toddlers, it's imperative to create strong bonds with families and caregivers. At Kids 'R' Kids, you know your child is being loved, hugged and nurtured from the very beginning and as she continues to develop. That's the Kids 'R' Kids difference!

At this age, children are meeting new challenges every day. Crawling, walking and eventually running are levels they accomplish in what seems like a blink of an eye! They are learning new social skills, and with that comes a new level of emotions. The Kids 'R' Kids toddler program is developed to provide hands-on activities that allow children to explore, inquire, and discover solutions firsthand.

As a toddler, your child is learning so many new and exciting things. From the early stages of crawling to those beginning steps, they have been experimenting and meeting new challenges daily. New social skills and emotions are developing during interaction with other children, resulting in a brand new phase of communication. Their activity level expands, and their mobility strengthens to the next level of development.

Our Toddler program follows a daily lesson plan in an effort to meet all your child's developmental needs. The lessons focus on building language, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, and social interaction. A written Daily Report is given to update each family on curriculum involvement, meal times, nap times, toilet training, and other daily activities. Our goal is for your toddler to mature into a preschooler ready, willing, and able to take the next step toward positive and healthy development.

Our Philosophy

At Kids 'R' Kids, we believe that children are our most precious resource and they must be lovingly guided, cared for and nurtured through each developmental stage. Our "warm and caring" atmosphere extends to helping kids say goodbye to the childcare center and to the children. Children leave the center armed with "hugs and kisses" from friends and teachers and invitations to come back to the center anytime.

Our Curriculum

To meet our children's needs, we take the time to get to know each child and then tailor activities to specifically address his/her learning needs. We use everyday life to stimulate and teach kids. For example, teachers talk about the temperature of the milk toddlers are drinking. We make the sign for “cold” as we ask toddlers, “Is your milk cold?”

We enjoy having a multitude of print-rich materials displayed at eye level. We have developed a series of artwork, ABC's, numbers, family photo and activity center labels and class projects photos. We use everyday items to stretch children's imagination and knowledge. For example, a cardboard box becomes a recycled truck and an opportunity to teach children the importance of recycling and the environment. We create a culturally focused curriculum. For example, during our daily routine and activities, we use sign language, speak Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, French and of course English.

We employ carefully developed themes of investigation and learning to excite children's curiosity, expand their horizons and enrich their learning.
For example, a unit on animals for 18-24 months includes:

Greeting time: Hide and find a stuffed animal inside a shoebox. ·

Changing time: Pick an animal from a basket and act like it. Measure toddler's height on a Giraffe Growth Chart.

Outdoor time fun: Toddlers take long steps like a tall giraffe and jump like a short kangaroo.

Toddlers love to play independently and enjoy teacher-initiated activities. We have eight different hands-on activity centers; Sensory, Transportation/Blocks, Science/Discovery, Manipulative, Home Living/Dramatic Play, Books and Music. We include parents and families as principal partners in children's development and care with daily sheets, weekly emails, family carnival and annual class parties. We make every effort to respect parents' culture, traditions and language. Ongoing observation, evaluation and program planning ensure program is responsive and sensitive to the needs of the children and their families.

The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the steppingstones for a lifetime of learning with our Kids 'R' Kids Preschool Curriculum. Our goal is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while she basks in her daily successes.

Preschoolers are continuing their learning adventure with a desire to do things on their own and make new discoveries. That's why we've designed our Preschool Program to fulfill the preschool mind.

Our standards-based Preschool Curriculum is divided into weekly, theme-based units. We introduce Words of the Week to strengthen and increase vocabularies and develop character. Group exercises, as well as individual skills practice, complement your child's developmental growth and provide him with many opportunities to explore his personal interests. Weekly Character Connections develop strong, positive character traits and boost self-esteem in every child.

Growing Minds, Growing Up

As children enter preschool, the Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum shifts to accommodate a more planned structure, preparing preschoolers for the academic schedules they'll soon find in elementary school.

The Preschool Curriculum includes:

  • Child-directed learning allows preschoolers to process and self-regulate their own decisions.
  • Language, physical, and cognitive development focus on learning curves needed for developmental milestones.
  • Small group activities are planned for every child throughout each day.
  • Literacy and writing activities are age-appropriate and provided daily.
  • Activities and music balance learning and fun.
  • Emotional and social development takes place with peers and teachers.
  • Planned outdoor activities are provided for physical fitness and development.
  • Daily enrichment activities encourage imaginative and creative play.
  • Progress reports inform parents of children's daily accomplishments.
  • Decision-making skills support growing minds.

Our Advanced Approach

Each day at Kids `R` Kids, children spend their time exploring, learning, and accomplishing new skills. The value of "playtime" should not be underestimated in a preschool learning environment. Kids `R` Kids, through decades of working with and observing children, understands that as children work and play in well-designed learning stations, they learn to make good choices because there is purpose in their play.

Your child learns critical developmental skills throughout each of our learning stations. Here are just a few examples of what each learning station offers your preschool child.

  • Construction Station - Architecture, vocabulary, eye-hand coordination and cooperation
  • Imagination Station - Social skills, self-confidence, and respect
  • Library & Literature Station - Listening skills, word recognition and oral language skills
  • Writing Station - Eye-hand coordination, name recognition, and self-expression
  • Exploration Station - Classification, problem-solving and sequencing
  • Discovery Station - Experimentation, exploration, and prediction
  • Sensory Station - Fine motor skills, measuring, and creativity
  • Music & Movement Station - Listening, teamwork, and patterning

As Preschool children grow through our curriculum, Kids 'R' Kids keeps in mind the essential “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy. Preschoolers need encouragement and praise as they learn to share, problem-solve, and respect their parents, teachers, and peers. That's just another reason why a solid foundation, beginning with a loving environment, is essential for every child's success.

Continuing to nurture your preschooler's mind, the Kids 'R' Kids Pre-Kindergarten program is filled with enjoyable activities for any child. This is the next stop on your child's way toward elementary learning. Here, learning is driven by student development and imagination.

Our program meets and exceeds national standards, has literature-based units, and addresses all learning styles. The program's goal is to help each child succeed to his fullest potential, which is why each unit of study was developed with the learner in mind.

Pre-Kindergarten activities include large and small hands-on groups, independent activities, and realistic application. The learning stations and curriculum were designed to build children's comprehension. Through independent and cooperative learning strategies, children are able to apply thought, imagination, and creativity into their educational experiences.

This program is broken down into three categories: academic introductions, individual and group activities, and station opportunities. The academic introductions are group learning sessions where students are introduced to subject matter. Our individual and group activities help students apply what they have learned and focus on building individual comprehension. Pre-Kindergarten station opportunities provide the following:

Alphabet Station helps children build their language skills
Art Station presents free-choice art experiences that develop skills and imagination
Construction Station develops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating
Dramatic Play Station encourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props
Number Station lets children apply math skills with a variety of materials and strategies
Reading Station promotes independent reading and a love of books
Science/Sensory Station allows children to experiment with materials
Writing Station encourages beginning letter formation through a variety of
materials and activities.

Children continue to learn about themselves and the environment around them in an atmosphere permeated with the Kids 'R' Kids philosophy of “Hug First, Then Teach.” Teachers encourage and praise children for their accomplishments, building their self-esteem and creating memorable learning experiences with them.

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy a NAEYC & AdvancEd accredited center would like to offer you a private kindergarten program that will help your child exceed on his/ her academic level. Our teacher is Texas certified (K-6) with experience teaching young children, which is important to early learners and parents. Our classroom environment is welcoming and has all the items and more that you would find in a public school. The class ratio is small, so that your child is able to learn at his/her own pace and have individual assessment time with the teacher so she will know how to challenge your child more or give them more time. Kids'R'Kids North Austin understands that choosing a kindergarten program means setting your child's foundation strong in education, that is why we strive to give your child the best!

Take the time to stop by and visit with us so we can show you our wonderful campus.


Kids 'R' Kids will have a certified teacher with an enrollment of 16 children in our private kindergarten program starting on August 21, 2017. We will follow the Leander ISD TEKS school calendar as well as the school closure due to implement weather schedules. Kids'R'Kids school schedule will have longer instructional days, required scheduled parents conferences, and holiday closures (a schedule will be provided). We will have a nine-week reporting schedule of your child's progress.

Kids'R'Kids will have an all-inclusive tuition rate for parents. Parents will not worry about having to prepare or pay daily for breakfast/lunch unlike in public school. Each child will be enrolled in Cross Fit Program for "Fitness". Your child will automatically be enrolled in our after-school program during the school year with no additional cost. Best of all - low teacher/student ratio to support maximum learning.

Only parents who complete all enrollment paperwork with fees will have their child's space reserved.

Registration $95.00

Supply/ Book Fee $120.00

Tuition $979.00 mo

Program Hours: 7:45 am – 3:00 pm

All children will be required to wear a uniform in Kindergarten.

As your Pre-Kindergarten student rises to Kindergarten, the choice is clear…
Kids 'R' Kids is here! Our Kindergarten program is enriched with a standards-based curriculum, wonderful learning stations, and an abundance of creative learning activities students will enjoy. It is based on national and state standards with weekly units comprised of academic lessons and literature-based activities. Our program's goal is to meet the needs of each student while implementing positive learning strategies.

The Kids 'R' Kids Kindergarten curriculum was designed for continuous educational growth. Our Kindergarten program was designed with six academic categories: social studies, science, language and literacy, mathematics, character development, and creative expression. Independent and small group activities develop and reinforce student understanding of the subject material. These activities also build independent and cooperative learning skills.

Literacy Activities help children build their language skills
Mathematics Activities develop children's understanding of number concepts as well as beginning arithmetic and problem-solving skills
Small Group Discovery provides daily enrichments and station enhancement

  • Art Station presents free-choice art opportunities
  • Construction Station develops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating
  • Dramatic Play Station encourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props
  • Library Station promotes independent reading and a love of books
  • Sensory Station allows children to experiment with a variety of materials

Kids 'R' Kids believes establishing a positive learning environment where children are “hugged first, then taught” will help them reach their potential and develop a love for learning.

Visit: SPARTAN CENTRAL for current Activities

Learning Outside the Box

We understand that for many busy and working parents it is challenging to find an enriching atmosphere for before and after school care.

Kids 'R' Kids has developed a truly innovative program for Before- and After-School Care, School Holidays, and Summer Camp. We instill a continued love of learning for children 5 through 12 years old. We are also excited to offer homework help, supervised activities, and child-directed play to pique your child`s interests in a safe, friendly, and clean environment.

We pick up from the following schools: (Leander ISD) Rutledge, Reagan, Parkside, Monta Akin, (Round Rock ISD) Sommer, Bush Creek, Great Oaks, Elsa England, and Pearson Ranch.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our Before- and After-School Program focuses on making learning fun. We welcome the Before- and After-School children to an environment with plenty of opportunities to unwind and just enjoy being a kid! From our large activity room to the spacious outdoor playground designed especially for the older child, Kids 'R' Kids meets all the requirements to captivate and satisfy the needs of the school-aged child.

Helping Hands, Helping Hearts

At Kids 'R' Kids, your child can relax, knowing that he belongs in a loving, supportive environment and is encouraged to create lasting friendships and connections with his teachers and classmates.
Our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy still holds true in the Before- and After-School Program. Kids 'R' Kids fosters loving kindness, respect, and understanding in every facet of our approach.

The Benefits

Our Before- and After-School Program has many incredible features:

  • We Open Early! Kids 'R' Kids opens at 6:30 a.m. which serves the varying shifts of working and busy families.
  • The Kids 'R' Kids Homework Help Club is designed to relieve some of the stress homework may bring to your child and fosters a sense of support and encouragement. Our teachers are available for necessary homework help. This promotes a healthy beginning, middle, and end to another successful school year and adds more quality time for your family.
  • The Discovery Zone presents exciting aspects of earth science and the environmental needs of our communities. From identifying rocks to learning about the benefits of recycling, your child will see how she can learn about the earth and make a difference for future generations.
  • The Nova Zone addresses artistic expression that appeals to the theater buff in your child. He can perform a short play, write a puppet show, or help direct a musical.
  • The Open-Air Zone provides trivia games, group activities, and board games for kids who love a challenge with an added twist of fun. It is a wonderful social experience your child will never forget.
  • The Construction Zone offers an array of sought-after hobbies which have never been so much fun. Here, your child can explore cooking, baking, crafts, and various other teacher-supervised activities to expand her knowledge.
  • The Media Center brings change to our world with technology! To keep your child on the leading-edge, we offer the newest and most advanced games the educational media offers.
  • Health and Fitness - Recent studies show that our society, through the comforts of technology and fast food, has enabled childhood obesity to reach epidemic proportions. Kids 'R' Kids knows how important physical activity is to any child's development, and that is why our centers include the Kids 'R' Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. Our unique Health and Fitness Program provides the tools for kids of all ages to learn how to be healthy. Throughout this curriculum, we emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, family style dining, and physical fitness. We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being.
  • Foreign Language - There is no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years. In fact, a child's brain is designed to learn multiple languages. Many of our schools teach foreign languages along with the values of diversity and communication.
  • Dance - Dancing helps even the youngest child express herself with music and movement. Whether it is free interpretation or choreographed movements, many Kids 'R' Kids locations offer classes and instruction in dance. Kids love to perform and express themselves with music and movement as they gain a great sense of accomplishment while doing so.
  • Martial Arts - The principles of the ancient art teach self-discipline and physical prowess. Through martial arts, children learn to respect others and regulate their own actions.
  • Music - Music is an incredible tool that enhances brain development. Our music programs expose children to a variety of musical styles and techniques while awakening their inner abilities. Children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing activities, and compose their own musical masterpieces.
  • Computers - Knowing that our future continues to involve the technology of computers, Kids 'R' Kids understands the importance of providing your child with the latest in electronic lessons and games to support the educational themes taught in school.
  • · Health and Fitness - Recent studies show that our society, through the comforts of technology and fast food, enables childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions. Kids 'R' Kids knows how important physical activity is to any child's development, and that's why our centers include the Kids 'R' Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. Our unique Health and Fitness Program provides all the tools for kids of all ages to learn and enjoy how to be healthy. Throughout this curriculum we emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, family-style dining, and physical fitness. We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being.

    · Foreign Language - There's no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years. In fact, a child's brain is designed to learn multiple languages. Many of our schools offer foreign languages, a unique way to teach your child the many values of diversity and communication.

    · Dance - Dancing helps even the youngest child express herself with music and movement. Whether it is free interpretation or choreographed movements, many Kids 'R' Kids locations offer classes and instruction in dance. Kids love to perform and express themselves with music and movement as they gain a great sense of accomplishment while doing so.

    · Martial Arts - The principles of the ancient art teach self-discipline and physical prowess. Through martial arts, children learn to respect others and regulate their own actions.

    · Music - Music is an incredible tool used for brain development. Our music programs expose children to a variety of musical styles, cultures, and techniques, awakening their inner abilities. Children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing exercises, as well as compose their very own musical masterpiece.

    · Computers - Knowing that our future continues to involve the technology of computers, Kids `R` Kids understands the importance of providing your child with the latest in electronic lessons and games to support the educational themes taught in school.

    For your convenience we have provided some of the forms utilized by our center. Please use these forms as needed. Acceptance of enrollment is https://www.krkaustin.com/common/media/256documents/500%20February%20Calendar.pdfbased on spachttps://www.krkaustin.com/common/media/256documents/500%20February%20Calendar.pdfe availability.

    For your convenience we have provided some of the forms utilized by our center. Please use these forms as needed. Acceptance of enrollment is based on space availability.

    Our Kids 'R' Kids curriculum is founded upon the educational theories of Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Sara Smilansky. These three educational theorists guide our decisions for age appropriate learning experiences for children. Our schools are designed so that children learn through peer and teacher interaction in a creative and safe environment as put forth by Vygotsky's theories of the development of the young mind. Our curriculum scaffolds teaching strategies for every classroom age grouping using Piaget's framework of proposed stages in a child's developing ability to learn. Finally, we believe in Smilansky's teachings of learning through play. Our curriculum includes a plethora of playtime both outside and in the classroom, giving the children the freedom to create and explore their world.

    All of these child development theorists agree young children learn best by taking an active part in constructing meaning from the world around them. Another proponent of educational constructivism is the Montessori method of teaching. Though similar in philosophy to Vygotsky, Piaget, and Smilansky's methods, the Montessori approach to education has some unique differences. Listed is a comparative chart between Kids 'R' Kids' teaching philosophy and those attributed to the Montessori teaching method for young children.

    Kids 'R' Kids Learning AcademiesMontessori
    Motto: Hug First, then TeachMotto: Respect of the Child
    Nurturing prepared environment with center-based activitiesNurturing prepared environment similar to home-living set up
    Balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities during a typical day following a predictable schedulePredominantly child directed choices of activities available referred to as "child's work" without specific scheduled routines
    Accredited curriculum by AdvancED based on developmental milestones of motor and verbal skills achievement by ageHolistic curriculum dealing with all aspects of young child's acquisition of knowledge
    Standards-based curriculum linked to national and state Pre-K Requirement standardsSkill acquisition is based on sensitive periods of learning by individual child
    Children grouped by age in six months incrementsMixed age groups
    Each day has specific teaching plans and scheduled routinesEach day is driven by self interest of child with minimal interruptions
    Large and small group planned activities to engage childrenChildren urged to follow own interest and move at own pace
    Staff of teachers exceed annual state training requirementsAMI, AMS Certification preferred
    Achievement assessment by specific learning goal with progress tracking in addition to anecdotal and portfolio evidenceAssessment by anecdotal observations and portfolio evidence
    Use of assessment tools for first grade readinessChildren need to make transition into more traditional setting when leaving program

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    Brain Development

    Focus & Self Control

    Problem Solving







    We are proud of our award winning pre-school at KidsRKids North Learning Academy. We provide the most innovative facilities and effective educational programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age.

    Kids R Kids in Avery Ranch earned accreditation in August 2010 from the National Association for the Education of Young Children – the nation's leading organization of early childhood professionals.

    The National Association for the Education of Young Children, NAEYC, defines the gold standard for early education and care. Centers who wish to be accredited by NAEYC undergo intense review. Only the best are awarded NAEYC accreditation.

    Read more about NAEYC and quality early childhood education at www.NAEYC.org.

    Watch an exciting video about why NAEYC IS THE RIGHT CHOICE.

    The Favorite Choice for Your Child

    Are you choosing a child care program for your son or daughter? Are you frightened or sad about the thought of someone else taking care of your child? Many families struggle with the decision to enroll their children into child care, and once the decision is made, choosing the right program is just as hard.

    The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) can help parents feel good about the child care, preschool, and kindergarten programs they choose. More than 20 years ago, NAEYC created an accreditation system to improve the quality of education and care provided in programs for young children. NAEYC Accreditation has become the mark of quality, helping parents find the best possible early childhood experience.

    "I think one of the greatest advances to child care was the creation of the NAEYC Accreditation system, which has helped so much to raise the quality of programs." - T Berry Brazelton, M.D., The Brazelton Institute, Children`s Hospital Boston,Harvard Medical School

    The Mark of Quality Education for Your Child

    When you see the NAEYC Accreditation torch, you know that your child will be safe, healthy, and learning each day. You know what makes a good child care program – infants are laid down on their backs to nap, toddlers are taken outside for well-supervised play, and preschoolers are learning about shapes and solving puzzles. NAEYC Accreditation means you're getting this and more!

    NAEYC has created 10 standards that measure the quality of early childhood programs. The standards were created by a blue-ribbon panel of early childhood experts and are based on the latest early childhood research.

    NAEYC-accredited programs meet the highest standards including:

    • Promote positive relationships for all children and adults to encourage each child`s sense of individual worth.
    • Implement a curriculum that fosters all areas of child development: cognitive, emotional, language, physical, and social.
    • Use developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate effective teaching approaches.
    • Provide ongoing assessments of a child`s learning and development and communicate the child`s progress to the family.
    • Promote the nutrition and health of children and protect children and staff from injury and illness.
    • Employ a teaching staff that has the educational qualifications, knowledge, and professional commitment necessary to promote children`s learning and development, and to support families` diverse needs and interests.
    • Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with each child`s family.
    • Establish relationships with and use the resources of the community to support the achievement of program goals.
    • Provide a safe and healthy physical environment.
    • Implement strong personnel, fiscal, and program management policies so that all children, families, and staff have high-quality experiences.

    Favorite Accreditation Questions

    What differentiates NAEYC Accreditation from other accreditation systems?

    NAEYC Accreditation is recognized across the country as the mark of quality education for young children. NAEYC Accreditation is the strongest system available to early childhood education programs, providing them with the tools and assistance they need to continuously improve their programs and meet NAEYC`s stringent program standards.

    Are NAEYC-accredited programs more academic?

    NAEYC-accredited programs must implement a curriculum that fosters all areas of child development: cognitive, emotional, language, physical, and social. NAEYC-accredited programs are the right choice for kids because they provide a proper balance of academics, health, safety, and fun.

    How does NAEYC ensure that accredited programs maintain their quality?

    NAEYC-accredited programs are committed to providing high-quality care for young children. Throughout the five-year term of accreditation programs must submit annual reports and are subject to random, unannounced visits by highly-trained assessors to ensure they continue to meet our standards.

    Why aren`t there more NAEYC-accredited programs in my community?

    NAEYC Accreditation is rigorous and requires programs to be committed to high-quality care for young children. Even with the strong growth of the system, NAEYC-accredited programs can be rare in some communities. Parents should demand NAEYC Accreditation for the programs in their communities. And, business leaders and policymakers should support more early childhood programs that are working to improve.


    Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 3:41 PM, Parent Letter

    Dear Kids 'R' Kids Families,

    I have GREAT and EXCITING NEWS! Kids 'R' Kids in Avery Ranch (owned by John and Elwin West) has been awarded Accreditation by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). It is the highest honor that can bestowed on any child care center.

    NAEYC, National Association for the Education of Young Children, administers one of the most prestigious accreditation in the nation. Only 5% of all child care centers in the nation are NAEYC accredited. In Austin, there are only 25 child care center that are accredited by NAEYC. We were pursing NAEYC because of their high standards that raise the quality of early childhood educational programs. NAEYC not only cares about the amount of equipment, the curriculum, the age-appropriate activities, but is primarily focused on the quality of interaction between teachers and children and the nature of the child's experiences. You may also visit NAEYC at www.naeyc.org for enriching your information on early childhood education.

    Thank you so much for your support through your evaluation of our center on the Parent Surveys in May and October 2009. We could not have achieved the accreditation alone. Together, we made a difference!



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    The newest issue of the Kids ‘R’ Kids Magazine is hot off the press! We think you will enjoy exploring topics such as, what your toddler would tell you if he were able, how to use playtime to teach discipline to your child, and how you can help your child form a positive self-concept.

    Kids ‘R’ Kids Magazine January 2018

    Happy New Year! A fresh start and a new beginning is here again! If your new year resolutions included “reading more” or “becoming a better parent,” we’ve got you covered each month! Our magazine is packed full of ways to help you be the best parent you can be and to raise the best child you can. This month we are exploring the topics of playtime in preschool, the stages of childhood, and raising a strong-willed child.

    Kids ‘R’ Kids Magazine December 2017

    Oh, the hustle and bustle of December! Another year is coming to a close—but what excitement this final month contains! Between school plays and office parties, why not take a little time to yourself to catch up on our final issue of the year? If you had a chance to read “What’s the Rush?” last month, the second part of that article can be found in this issue. We also added some goodies about encouraging your children through creative play and ways you can give your children the gift of time this holiday season. After all, those toys won’t last as long as the memories your create together! Happy Holidays, and enjoy the read!

    Kids ‘R’ Kids Magazine November 2017

    It is November! The holiday season is officially upon us! We hope that during the hustle and bustle, family and friends, and love and laughter, you will take a quiet minute to read up on our latest issue. We have some great articles for you about rushing through milestones and the importance (and benefits) of family traditions. We even threw in a list of tips to help you ignite your child’s love of learning! We hope you enjoy the read!


    During the early stages of your day care child’s development you will notice that, as your child grows older and develops intellectually, he or she will start mastering the language that is spoken in the home. Young children learn language with ease. Many parents wonder what affects language development during these early years. We share some insight into how early brain development can affect language skills, and what you can do to promote this development, during the day care and preschool years.

    Language skills

    As your child hears more words being spoken, an understanding of tone, pronunciation, and the intricacies of language will begin to develop. Your child will develop the ability to form full, comprehensive sentences, and will begin to tell and makeup stories. In order to promote this learning, you must be clear in your communications to help your child understand the meanings of words. You can encourage your child by being a careful listener. In both listening and talking to your child, you promote active brain development.

    Social skills

    Social skills are an important part of brain development. Language is social in nature, and one needs to understand language in order to effectively engage with others. You can help with this development by allowing your child ample opportunities to observe social skills in action. Family, friends, playdates and engaging in social activities such as enrolling in day care or preschool, can assist your child in developing social and language skills.

    Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin, Texas, is the ideal child care facility for parents seeking quality early education. We offer exceptional facilities and a staff of professional teachers. We provide superior early education- so much more than traditional day care- with our exclusive Brain WavesTM Curriculum, which provides your child with all the right stimulus for optimal brain development. Contact us today for more information.


    One of the most important factors in child care is nutrition. Children, and especially infants, need a healthy, balanced diet in order to grow and develop properly. Here is some information from Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin regarding healthy nutrition for your infant. Take note that you should discuss all nutrition decisions with your child’s pediatrician.

    Breast milk and baby formula

    Most infant care experts agree on one thing: Breastmilk is the most essential part of an infant’s diet. Most seem to agree that for the first six months of your child’s life, breast milk or a pediatrician approved infant formula should be the only source of nutrition. Sometime after about four months, you can begin to introduce very soft foods such as rice cereal, but check with your pediatrician first. Breast milk should continue to be part of the diet until at least age two.

    Rice cereal

    This should be the first solid food that your infant consumes. After about four months, you can begin to introduce about two teaspoons of rice cereal every day. It is important that you use either breastmilk or baby formula to mix in and not cow’s milk or other milks at this young age. Defer to your pediatrician’s advice regarding the exact age at which you should introduce rice cereal, or any other first solid food.

    Fruit and vegetables

    By the time your child reaches the age of seven months, you can begin to introduce very small amounts of fruit and vegetables into the diet with your doctor’s approval. Start by introducing about a quarter of a cup of soft fruit and/or vegetables every day. Ideally, you want to start with more mild foods such as soft-boiled carrots, bananas or mashed potatoes.

    Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin has years of experience with infant care. For more information, contact us today


    Language is one of the most effective ways to boost your child’s brain and cognitive development. We use language to communicate and interact on a daily basis, and your child can begin this process naturally. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin we provide a brain development program that offers each child an opportunity to learn in a safe and comfortable environment, while using the latest technology.

    Our exclusive brain development program will expose your child to many forms of language, one being sign language for infants. Your child will be engaged in an environment rich in language and literacy, which boosts brain and cognitive development. We offer digital activities that encourage each child to develop language, science and fine motor skills.

    Brain and cognitive development and language

    According to studies, learning language alters the structure of your child’s brain and boosts cognitive development. It is important to teach your child as many languages as possible at an early age. Because a child has twice as many synapses (connections) in the brain compared to an adult, the older the child the less absorption of new information there will be. How and what your child learns will be the result of brain and cognitive development. As your child learns the use of language, the synapses are stimulated and the connections are securely fixed in the brain. This process creates a permanent pathway for your child to learn quickly and accurately.

    Offering developmental activities, a dedicated staff and a state-of-the-art learning environment, we will provide your child with all the guidance, love and one-on-one attention needed to achieve his or her full mental potential.

    For more information on our brain development program in North Austin, contact us and we will gladly assist you. 


    Mathematical literacy is vitally important in today’s competitive world, and the earlier your child begins to learn about numbers and math, the better. A quality preschool can help build a strong mathematical foundation for your child. You can even do some activities at home with your preschooler outside of daycare to continue and reinforce what is being learned at preschool.

    Count things while on the road or in a store

    Make trips to the supermarket enjoyable by incorporating fun counting games. If you are on on the road for some time, help your child count cars or trucks or specify a certain color of car to count. This turns an ordinarily boring trip into a fun game that familiarizes your child with number sequencing and counting. In the supermarket, count cereal boxes or other items together.

    Incorporate numbers into fun artwork

    This is a great way for your preschooler to better understand how to recognize numbers through a fun activity. Cut sponges into the shapes of numbers. Have your child dip each of these numbers into a bit of paint and press them against some newspaper. Ask the child to read out each number he or she applies it, and then help him or her learn how to put those numbers in sequence or in patterns, such as the age or the number of his siblings.

    Play connect the dots

    Connect the dots is a sure way for children to learn about number sequencing while having fun. This is an excellent counting activity that can also help with drawing and motor skills. Help your child make the dots in different shapes, like a tree or a star or a cat. Then he or she can take different colors and connect those same dots to complete the picture.

    Teach your child about measurement

    Measuring things is a good activity to teach your child about numbers and sequencing. You can use a tape measure or a ruler to measure things around the house, including your preschooler!

    At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin, we have an AdvancED accredited preschool program and exclusive developmentally focused curriculum that can help your child grow. Contact us for more information.


    The human brain is made up of intricate and fragile parts that govern the entire body, making it increasingly important that a child’s brain development be treated delicately and carefully. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin, we are experts in child brain development. We have many years of experience in supporting the development of children’s mental and physical health. Based on our research and experience, we have carefully put together some useful information regarding what makes up a child’s (and an adults) brain.

    Parts of the brain:

    The brain is made up of three parts:

    • Cerebrum: (consists of two parts the left and rightcerebral hemispheres)
    • Cerebellum: (motor control and cognitive functions)
    • Brain stem: (controls body movement, breathing and heartbeat)

    At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin, we know that you can divide these additionally into the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe, each of which have different functions. Our curriculum provides targeted activities designed to stimulate each individual lobe for a well rounded education.

    How the brain is used:

    Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex

    The Parietal lobe is associated with movement, recognition and perception of stimuli.

    The Frontal lobe is associated with planning, reasoning, movement, parts of speech and problem solving.

    The Temporal lobe is associated with memory, speech, perception and recognition of auditory stimuli.

    The Occipital lobe is associated with visual processing.

    At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin, we are active in ensuring that all parts of your child’s brain are being stimulated through reading, active play, exploring the senses, and sign language. The brain is a very complex, delicate organ that needs to be properly developed beginning at a very young age and then be stimulated and nurtured ongoing in order to fully develop.

    For more information on our brain development program in North Austin, contact us or you are welcome to visit our facility and talk with our staff about your childcare needs.


    Teething for an infant generally begins at six months, with the bottom front teeth emerging first from the gums. At approximately 30 months, the process ends with the appearance of the second molars. But in-between that time is an uncomfortable process for your growing infant. Although the pain level differs by child, they may become more fussy, drool, refuse to eat, and chew on objects to lessen their discomfort while teething. Luckily, many options are available to help your infant relieve teething problems.

    • Gum massage: Using your index finger, gently rub your infant’s gums. This is very soothing, but it may take time for your child to adjust to this technique.
    • Teething gel: If your child is fussing more than normal, ask your pediatrician if they recommend the use of a teething gel. Gels have a temporary numbing effect on the gums. They shouldn’t be used too often or near feedings, since the numbness can be problematic to bottle feeding or nursing.
    • Chewing: This action helps your child to massage their gums and receive relief. A teething ring or crackers specific to teething can be useful. Cold objects such as a clean, cold washcloth can provide extra relief. To avoid the possibility of choking on one of these objects, an infant should be fully supervised.
    • Cold food: Should an infant be eating solid foods, cool their food before serving it, which will provide some relief for sore gums. Cold yogurt, mashed fruit or baby cereal also can assist your child in regaining their appetite while teething.
    • As a last option, a pediatrician can prescribe an appropriate infant pain reliever. This should only be used for extreme cases and dosed exactly how it is prescribed.

    Baby Earth in Austin is a great store for finding many safe, age-appropriate infant items, including teething toys. They also offer an online buying option and same-day delivery for added convenience.

    If you are seeking an Austin-located daycare facility that will keep your child playing, learning, and happy, please consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin. We go beyond the realm of a traditional child care center by providing infants from six weeks with an innovative, highly recognized infant program. Combining targeted stimulation to boost development, with an environment of love and support, all of your child’s needs will be met, including individualized attention by our dedicated staff. For more information or to schedule a tour of our Academy, please contact us today.


    Week of the Young Child will run from April 6th to 12th, 2014. The purpose of this week is to focus public attention on the needs of young children as well as their families. It is also a time when the spotlight is placed on early childhood programs and services that work hard to meet those needs.

    There are many challenges facing children and their families today. We know more than ever about the crucial importance of children's earliest developmental years and how these yeas are important in shaping a child's future learning and academic abilities.

    During the Week of the Young Child, emphasis is placed on the responsibilities of caregivers and educators who work with young children. It is also a time when adults re-commit to ensuring each child has the opportunity to benefit from the best early development possible, whether that is at home, at childcare, at school, or in the community. All these areas will impact young children's early learning and it is the responsibility of the adults involved to promote positive learning opportunities.

    Kids 'R' Kids of North Austin Promotes Educational Excellence at Every Age

    Kids 'R' Kids of North Austin works with a nationally accredited curriculum aimed at providing each of our students with the best foundation for early childhood development. We are proud of our excellent educational facilities and programs for children as young as six weeks up through 12 years of age.

    The curriculum programs for the different ages are designed to offer age-appropriate learning material which will guide your child through their developmental stages. Programs include:

    We celebrate Week of the Young Child and commit to offering each of our students the best learning environment throughout the year. Contact Kids 'R' Kids of North Austin to learn more about our celebrated learning programs.

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    National Association for the Education of Young Children
    Since 1985, NAEYC has offered a national, voluntary accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and to help families identify high-quality programs. Today, NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education. Over 6,500 child care programs, preschools, early learning centers, and other center- or school-based early childhood education programs are currently NAEYC-Accredited. These programs provide high quality care and education to nearly one million young children.
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